Monday, October 1, 2007

Emma Beatrix Turns 10

Pregnant in the summer in Arizona is one thing, without a pool is another. Add to that, a 2 year old and a 4 year old and me at the age of 36. I'm sure I complained a lot, but I was also grateful as you know, to be having kids at all!

I did think I felt a little bigger then my 9 pound 12 oz boy from 2 summers past. In fact, I was measuring 2 weeks bigger. So my OB decided to induce on October 1.

I was SO nervous, this was a new experience. When sweet Emma came into the world, she was covered with God's perfect skin cream, and she was squeaking to breathe. But all of my Homemakers group had covered me in prayer and by the time they told me they had to take her to the Neonatal unit, I was at peace. It was amazing.

She was a bubble baby for 2 days, on oxygen, because of liquid in her lungs and her sugar was way too low. They didn't think she'd come home with me. But she rallied quickly, at 9 pounds 3 oz. (2 weeks early) she was quite a little porker in the neo unit.


KRay said...

Oh man. Those are the cutest pictures in the whole world. I don't remember ever seeing that baby picture of Emma covering her ears! What a blessing....being an aunt and a mommy.
Auntie K

Ginger said...

Beautiful Emma. You where a lovely baby and you are a beautiful young lady. We love you. Happy Birthday

The Green's in Arizona said...

Happy Birthday Emma from McKenzie and Maddie Green! We are so glad you are in co-op and our friends!!!!