Friday, June 22, 2007

We'll just Stay an Hour..Goodbye Pierces

Dressing up....
Trampoline jumping...
Chasing Rabbits....
Yummy Food...
Great Conversation...
Pretty Things...
Always Coffee...
Sweet Friends....
Tennessee here they come...
We'll come visit, but it's always hard to 'just' stay an hour!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day Honey

Even though it's the day after, we are wishing you a happy Father's day. Because you are far away from us this week. There's no way to tell you in this little box, how much you mean to this family. How much you do to provide for us so well. How important your words are that build us up. How patient you are when things aren't going quite the way they should. How challenging you are for each of us when it comes to learning new things and how you model a love of learning for us. What a great leader you are in searching God's Word with us. And the best part is the way you love me!

"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.
The last of life for which the first was made"

Hiking on and under Natural Bridge. May 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Desert Beauty

Photos in our Backyard, cactus taken by Emma

Dear Lord, our Creator, I'm sorry I complain about the heat so much! And if I'd just look around, I'd see the beauty You've given us to enjoy, even here in the Valley of the Sun!

Emma's New Blog

A new blog is up and running for 9 year old Emma! She took to it like Jefferson took to playing ball. I have hardly helped her at all and then I log on and she has a new post before I know it. What's cool is she is writing! It's a little bit like journaling, not as private, but a good experience. I am so glad she's doing it and I get to see a little of her heart. But actually, she shows that easily. Her link is in my favorites. She loves to get comments!

Actually, her setup is a little more modern than this one on a zoo safari!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goodbye for Now

We had a last girl's weekend, for awhile anyway. I am so excited for my friend and her family. They have had such a burden for a different lifestyle. A rural one. One where our kids can learn first hand about God's creation and that doesn't include asphalt! Derrick and I have had a similar burden, so we are a little further out of the city. Look for us even further out in years to come. They will be in Tennessee. You know green grass, rolling hills, goats and cows and such. Green Acres. Grab your pitch fork!
So we had a few days, just the 2 of us and we made these bling flip flops. Now I will think of her when I wear them. But there are lots of things that will keep her fresh in my mind. I'm glad. Oven Pancakes, hearing her CD at Christmas and remembering singing with her, planting my garden and having fresh basil with tomatoes and mozzarella. Mmm. Baked Oatmeal, Pride & Prejudice and 2am on Lily nights, without her to talk to! She will always challenge and encourage me and seek the road less travelled. I love her and am looking forward to our change in venue.

Toothless Chanteuse

This was a special weekend for Miss 7 year old Lizzy. She has now lost both front teeth, one at a time, and the 2nd one went down the drain but Daddy saved it. So, toothless, she sang her first solo in church today at Scottsdale North! Oh, it was sweet. Along with Dex and Emma, they sang He Knows My Name and she ended the song with her solo. I am so grateful for the experience our kids receive. But actually, you'd think she had been doing it for years. She had the mic right in her mouth, looked straight ahead and was very confident and happy. Even though she looked so tiny up there. Derrick seems to think we have a Prima Dona. We got in the car and she immediately asked if SHE could pick where we eat lunch as she explained what she did different in the 2 services. Yikes!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jake Graduates!

"What did you do at Aunt Susan's today?" "I pulled de weeds" said 3 year old Jake. Yep, he was over a lot when he was little. I even traveled as Aunt Nanny a few years when he was young. Lots of sweet memories. He's a young man now, not the gray one in the pic, that's my handsome brother. And God knows what his future holds, but I know Jake trusts God with his future. Like his dad, he is talented in many areas. But he COOKS! He slapped a huge amount of poultry with his secret sauce, onto the barby for us last year. Computers, guitar, modeling,writing and even pottery I hear, are things he more than dabbles in. And give him a great book or movie, or both at the same time, and he's happy. Jake, we are praying for you and anxiously await what God will do in your life, more than you've ever done!

Dad, Jake, Steve, Sheri, Emily, Mom

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Arizona Cousins

My sister and her family live in Ahwatukee. Their 3 boys are 13, 11 and 5. 2 of our boys are a day apart and a week apart. That amazes me. No, we didn't plan it!! But they are so fun to be with. My sister's husband is an MD and they are involved in a ministry that goes to Mexico every month for a day, and they work in a medical clinic. He has been working on his Spanish for as long as I can remember. Our little part is having the boys stay with us. We do things like see "Pirates", yard work, games and swimming. Aren't I a fun Aunt?? Actually, Derrick is to blame for the yard work, but I think they'll even get paid!! I love having them in our lives.

Emma & Lizzy, Harrison & Dex, Nate & Jack, Alex & Jeff