Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Mickey, you're so fine..

Saturday to Monday, we were at the happiest place on earth. Well, it was fun. And we loved the cloudy, cool days. The crowds thinned out Monday afternoon, just in time for us to be with our friends the Mohlers. We had such a great time. Jim (note the Biola ad) , entertaining with his magic tricks, even got the kids into the fastpass line at Space Mountain! Miriam and I went on some rides with Lizzy, and even got on Indiana Jones, which was no small feat considering the movie had just come out and it was packed all weekend. The older kids took off together and felt like they had known eachother forever. We actually had our kids around the same time. (Emily is a little older than Alex and Clayton is between Dex and Emma) It was a wonderful end to our trip.

The kids are running from the giant boulder, but actually it looks like they're running from Lizzy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leaving the Beach

The sun actually poked out its head the last afternoon on the beach. So we could have our traditional dinner at the first Ruby's Diner. Yum...

My kids doing their cool 'runway strutting'. In this case, pier strutting? Check out Dexter's shoulder action! You have to click on the photo to see his face.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jeff's in on the Fun

Check out his new blog.
Jumpin Jeff

Do the Next Thing

What to do on a blustery day? Make paper airplanes...
Read a good book.....

And of course, eat fresh baked cookies!!

It's windy, rainy and a little gloomy. My heart was so heavy after the news about the Chapmans. I hugged my babes a little longer, showed a little more patience, listened more attentively. Each day given is a gift. Why don't I treat it as such? I'm not promised tomorrow. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light on my path. His Word illumines only what I need to take the next step. So that is what I will do, live a day at a time and make it the best.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man of Sorrows, carry their pain

My heart is heavy for the Steven Curtis Chapman family that lost their daughter last night. And any family that goes through the pain of losing a child. That suffering I cannot imagine but I am comforted to know the Savior Who has carried that and more.

Father, wrap them in Your love and thank You for giving them this precious family to share life's journey with. Please walk with their son that has to bear this tragedy in a personal way. Give him Your peace.

Click here to meet Maria Sue

Rain, Rain... We don't care!

Wednesday morning was cloudy, but the wind came and made a gorgeous day. It may be our last sun, but we don't care.

Funny how people apologize for clouds and cool weather when we're visiting the beach. But We Love IT! I remind them we don't have a lot of cloudy days in the desert and we're not here for a tan, just family time. We still get that playing cards or charades, looking out at the beautiful clouds and hearing the roar of the waves.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sing Around the Campfire


you can see the bridge to the island in the background

How fun to visit our friends the Langakers who were staying in a penthouse on Coronado Island.


Mr. Man's new job.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking for God's Handiwork

The kids were all doing something. Talking to their friends, playing volleyball, reading...

And Emma came in to ask to borrow my new object of affection, aka; my Nikon D60.

She said she needed it for a special picture.
These guys make so much noise waiting for mama bird to return with dinner!
They reside downstairs where the kids sleep, under the upstairs porch.

Pretty special indeed Emma

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Escaping the Heat? NOT

4am moon on Sunday morning... wow.... the light actually woke me up! Not the kidsthe boys sleeping in their pretty cottage bed, with the lovely camou pillow from home!

the owner collects cute antique beach toys and antique dish towels

my Alex with Dakota and Kara

I know, poor us. We're ON the beach and complaining? And it's supposed to be 106 in Scottsdale tomorrow!
It was warm today, but beautiful. The whole city of Oceanside seemed to be on the beach today. But not until after lunch. Either they were in church or sleeping in!

What fun to see our friends the Langakers today too. They came over from AZ like we did.

Time to make some 'shmoes' on our campfire. Oh yea, s'mores

Saturday, May 17, 2008


A couple years ago, I taught at Homemakers on HOME: the HEART OF EDUCATION. And this week they aired a panel on educational choices we as parents have today. I haven't had a chance to hear the 3 days, I will on vacation this week. But I do love the women speaking. We can have different opinions and still serve the same God! I think the biggest point I wanted to make in my teaching, was that it is YOUR responsibility to teach and train your children. Not the school's, Sunday school teacher's, co-op's. So BE INFORMED, BE IN PRAYER, about what's right for your family and for your child.

Here's the link to OnePlace to listen for free. Mine aired Thursday and Friday. "The Heart of Education".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud Aunt

Here he is! My nephew Nate.
Monday, he found out he made the marching band as a freshman at Desert Vista High School!!
He is in the front ensemble, a drummer, with 7 other kids. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds good.
Click on this link to see their amazing band/music program there!

this is a pic from Middle School Day last fall. He's the guy smiling, in white.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

There are many types of mothers.
Many women who are caring, nurturing and challenging to those who are younger.
That is the Titus 2 woman.
We are all called to teach the younger women, whether we are moms or not.
Many women have full nests, many have empty arms.
But all can care for and love others.
We will all leave a legacy.
Whether we bear children or not.

Lord, comfort those hurting today. Whether they are not with their mom, or had a mom who didn't know You. Whether they are moms or won't be, give them the comfort only You can, that they are loved and cared for by You, the ultimate, awesome Father.

She's Growing So Fast

A Great Mother's Day present..........singing in church with my girls

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mother's Day Present, Early

Woohoo, Mr. Man just came home with my Mother's Day present!!!

After long-suffering with my little point and shoot and too impatient to use his big Nikon, I have the new Nikon D60!!

I will get acquainted with my new object of affection, and show you the magic as soon as possible!
Here's one of the first shots with my new toy. I don't think Lizzy even knows what a Vulcan is. Nice trash bag in the background! Guess I better work on my composite, or cropping!

Summer Thoughts

It looks like Mr Man has 2 job offers for sure. We have some praying and talking to do this weekend. Between a sleepover, baseball game, shopping for dresses and yard work. Not to mention the 3 girls and I get to sing in church Sunday. That will be fun.

So since Mr Man has what looks like a job coming.... I have been making summer plans. Actually they are DREAMS. But if I write them down, I'm more likely to get them done. Anyone relate to that? So you are my witnesses.

(these are in no particular order)
- go to Tennessee to see my friend Pam
- kids finish Saxon books!
- re-carpet the upstairs (before it gets too hot I hope)
- fix the roof (before it rains)
- Make book lists for the kids (I grew up with a librarian for a mom)
- Bible memory and devotions plan
- Music: piano, guitar, violin
- Go camping
- Prepare home school room which includes packing up last year's books that are still out!
- Scrapbook: finish '07 and London ('06)
- Keep up with the Keepers of the Home book

I always try to get out of the heat in the summer, but having a pool helps. Having migraines doesn't.
Next week: THE BEACH.
In August: THE BEACH (woohoo, my brother and his family are moving there! Free room and board!)
In June: Music camp and Bible School. And Alex and I will go again to Saddleback for the Worship conference with our church. This year, my cousin's son Michael will join us from North Dakota. That will be a blast!

There's a little bit of my world.

Monday, May 5, 2008

An Audience of One

To end our glorious Sabbath day, back to church for Emma to dance with her worship/dance team, God's Girls, led by Miss Janna. What an absolute blessing that has been these last 2 years. 8-10 year old girls meeting with a godly woman/wife/mother that mentors and prays with them each week. Oh yeah, and they learn to dance and worship for the King of Kings. No small task if you ask me!

This is one of those opportunities that I know is rare and a blessing that comes along so seldom.

Can you tell which one is Emma? Yep, the one that's tall like her mom. But she's much more at peace about it than I ever was. Because she's learning to 'perform' for the right reasons.

An audience of One.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Full Sabbath Day

What a glorious day!!!
All 7 of us on stage singing in worship with the kids' choirs, worship teams and orchestra this morning. It was so much fun for me to look back in the choir loft and see my man and 4 kids singing and clapping. (sometimes on the beat) Then to see my smiling daughter at the violin too.
And to sing with my childhood friend Leslie. It doesn't get better.

But it does!

Mom is home and happy and getting around. She is so excited to be in her own bed and looking out her windows to the greens and roses in her backyard. We unpacked, got her a frostie and dad went and got her meds. She's set. I hope to get over there tomorrow because she really shouldn't get up alone yet and I hope they'll let me get some groceries.

Pray her blood stays up! She had two pints and can't have a 3rd.

Maybe liver is in order for lunch tomorrow!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom's New Knee

Praise God, for medical advancements.
Tuesday morning my mom had a full knee replacement.
Today, she walked down the hall of the hospital and hopes to go home tomorrow.
There was a lot of pain at first, but she seemed so amazed she could move and bend it right away.
You have to check out this virtual tour of a knee replacement. It's not gory, it's animated. The kids love it because it's interactive.
Go to Edheads- Virtual Knee Surgery