Thursday, October 25, 2007

Close Surf!!

Compare this shot looking south to the one we took 2 days ago.

We awoke to voices talking outside our window this morning. It was surfers!!! The surf was so close, it was like they were sitting outside our window. They were riding waves all the way up to the rocks in front of our condo, then they'd jump off. We've never seen it this close. The Doans and Krells should appreciate this. We have NO beach this morning!


SeanandCate said...

Hi Susan! We'll miss you this weekend. Stay safe.

Audrakrell said...

WOW! We do appreciate that picture. That is amazing! Glad you are still makin' it out there-
Love, Audra

The Green's in Arizona said...

Hi! Wow! That is so fun!!!! I wanna be there! I'm so glad you are safe, but jealous I'm not there!!!!!

Love, Susan G

Kim Thompson said...

Oh that makes me homesick for the beach!! Miss you lots! Hurry home!