Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gotta Love Those Cousins

Emilie (Shepherd) is so sneaky! Lizzy (mine) and Jack (Ray) don't seem to mind, they stay in the line of fire.

Just missing big cousin Jake (19)

What a fun day. Since my brother and his wife and daughter (his son is home in Oregon) are in town, it was a treat to all be together. Well, almost. Sheri was speaking at the Arizona Women's Retreat in Flagstaff and we all got together without her and mom. Derrick and the kids made shrimp gumbo and shrimp and veggies on the barbee.

It was unique to be together without their spouses. My sister, brother and me. Rare even. So since dad was the only one there, we ganged up on him. He's a good sport though. We learned from the best, we told him.

Did I already say I am grateful? Well, I hope it shows.


Family Gregg said...

Oh my goodness how the Gregg girls love the Tuten girls! This past week-end was all about getting birthday gifts ready and writing out cards.

Mom of Five said...

I hear you! What a blessing your girls are as well. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.