Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pinnacle Peak at 57 degrees

Lizzy and Jemima, west view
Emma and Galilee, west
Gabi, Emma, Susan G and McKenzie coming back down
Looking east at Four Peaks in the Superstition Mountains
Jemima and Lizzy heading up

Doing our Keepers of the Home sheets, learning what to take on a hike, what to wear, all that fun stuff to earn a charm!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy/Daughter Retreat

My folks have a beautiful condo they share with family, friends and those who just need a respite. It is such a blessing. We've never stayed in it until now, and it's so much better than a hotel because we don't have to check out at any certain time! There's a fountain outside this bedroom window which is what lulled me to sleep and woke me up this morning.
Here's the other bedroom. I think that was Emma's favorite part, having time to herself. She shares a bed with her 9 year old sister Lizzy at home and this was a real treat.
This retreat was a time to talk about God's plan for a woman's heart, mind and body. Why stay pure before we get married? How do we treat our bodies as His temple? And how to rely on God's Word throughout our lives, making good habits as a young woman.
We had lots of fun together. Watched Jane Austen movies, did mani/pedis, plucked eyebrows for the first time (okay that probably wasn't a high point), jacuzzied and had our favorite snacks all to ourselves.
This is a look in from the patio.
Thanks Mom and Dad for a little 'home away from home'.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day off School, a Day with Cousins and Nana and Papa

Porch swing kind of needs refinishing!

Dad and Mom look at old pictures from his father.

Thanks for the marshmallow guns Anissa!!

Bowling, loving those computer screens!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Go Before

In the home schooling journey, one can often feel isolated. I have to be reminded of God's call every so often. Which keeps me on my knees. Lord, is this what You want? Am I doing all I can for these 5 kids? Where do we go next? Should I change this for this kid and not the others?

I am so grateful God has placed families in our lives that have 'gone before'. Just like in God's Word, there are so many heroes of the faith who have walked the journey and can teach us which way is best. They can teach us things to avoid. We are not in this journey alone. Nor does God intend us to be. He may have a different journey for each family, which is actually very exciting to see.

Take for example, the MacIntyre family. They have 3 kids from 17-23 now. They have had many physical challenges along the way, the oldest and youngest have visual impairments. It never slowed them down. In fact, I'd say it made them more tenacious to challenge and lift up their kids. The eldest, Scott is now past the first round of American Idol. How amazing is that? He has been recording his own CDs since 10 I think and is classically trained in piano. He graduated from ASU at 19 Summa Cum Laude and went on to get his Masters at the Royal College of Music in London. CLICK ON HIS PICTURE TO GO TO HIS WEBSITE.Todd and Katelyn have their own path in music. (Todd MacIntyre) We had such fun singing with them in November at an event. And it inspires me to expose my kids to many different mediums. Sometimes talents show up early (age 3 for Scott) and sometimes they take a little longer. But I am blessed by this family that uses their gifts for God. I don't know how far Scott will go on American Idol, but I know he will be a light in this world and I count it a blessing to know them.

This is a beautiful duet by Todd and Katelyn called "Reach". I don't know what the event is, but it has an Army sponsor at the beginning and they're singing to graduates!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to School

We had a wonderful, busy holiday. I'm so happy when we're back to our routine. Chores, exercise, reading, writing, music, baking and just being together.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The 9 year old's birthday continues... in CA

I have no idea what Lizzy is singing. But doing this ride twice in a row (someone had stood up, so the operator thought he'd do us the honor of going around again!) was WAAAYYY too much for me! I love tea, but not IN the teacup!
Jefferson and Daddy had no idea this rocket was so fast! We've never done this ride!
Emma (11) Sammie (Dunham) Hendricks, Dex (13) Alex (15) Chris Dunham (19) Michael Dunham (17) . The 3 Dunhams drove over for the day from AZ, a little sibling time. Sammie and her hubby live in Virginia. We miss them!

Lizzy gets chosen for Jedi training, then gets a shock to see Darth Maul come out with Darth Vader! It was quite exciting for the young padawan.
Look at her getting Darth Vader to rise to the challenge. She did NOT choose the dark side!
Lizzy meets Tinker Bell at Pixie Hollow
Who would send their 7 year old on California Screamin'? Actually, I don't know how many times he's been on it, but he still looks a little nervous!
Lizzy and I got very wet on Splash Mountain.
Dexter (13) passes up 16 year old Emily Mohler!! Alright Dex!
(he's gonna kill me for the hat-head)

Monday, January 5, 2009

LIzzy's First Sleepover

Getting creative with nail polish
Sweet Galilee even gave a gift. Thank you Galilee!

Sharing our talents
Jemima, Lizzy and Maddie

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taylor, the Latte Boy

Guess I'm in a silly, first of the year mood. Or it's all the sleepovers we've had and I'm firing on very few pistons. But this video is Hysterical!! My kids listen to Kristin Chenoweth's Taylor the Latte Boy, but you can't get the full appreciation for it until you see her face! Her expressions just crack me up. And it helps that she is the cutest thing on the planet. I've liked her ever since Music Man with Matthew Broderick. She is a real HOOT. And she loves Jesus, makes me love her even more!