Friday, November 16, 2007

Home Again

Goodbye beach... hello desert
What a joy to get home, safely.

As we were driving home, facing the beautiful clouds in the valley of the sun, we reminisced about past trips, and arriving home to broken AC, broken refrigerator, a shaved dog, getting pulled over for no tail lights, a block from home. But this time was so wonderful!

Aunt Dee had acid washed our tile, surprise, it's light! She planted my herbs, a gardenia bush, painted and repaired walls, removed wallpaper from a bathroom. What a month of work she had! We are so grateful for all she did. Then when we arrived home, yes, fresh homemade tollhouse cookies. Who could ask for more?

So great to be home. Now, to the plethera of laundry!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sheri Rose

What fun that the girls and I could go hear my sister-in-law Sheri speak at Florence Avenue Church, near Fullerton. AND our friend Miriam and Emily could meet us there! They are having their Holiday Tea for 5 nights this week! And I could not believe the beautiful, elaborate table decorations. Each table had a theme, like a holiday, or Princess theme. Sheri Rose's ministry is called His Princess. And many women there had heard her speak when her newest book came out, Preparing Sons for the Other Woman. (see my post on Sept 27 called Sisters)
Check out her website.

But seeing my nephew Jacob was the best. He is now attending the Assemblies of God Master's training at the Dream Center in downtown LA. It's intense but Jake always knew he'd be bold about sharing his faith, just like his mom and dad. Love you Jake.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Sun's Back

In some ways I feel like we just arrived today. Or my perspective changed.

Derrick's back. (and he took the kids shopping for groceries.) While he was gone all week he was worried about us not having food. How sad is that? His vacationing wife can't take care of the kids? Well, all was not lost, I actually went by a vacation menu plan. Not a lot of spices here and I didn't want to spend the money on them and bring them home. We made do. Deli meats, spaghetti, soups, salads, didn't even give in to Mac n Cheese.

The sun is out. And we are working on our sand sculpture. Derrick and Alex are usually the last men standing. I shoveled and bossed them around and gave them a vision. Sometimes they have their own and just smile and nod at me.

Tea Time. I'm sipping coffee on the beach. Last night at a book store,I found the coffee mug for me. But my kids said a coffee mug isn't worth $20. (they were in the process of convincing their dad they should have a variety of toys they had seen)

The mug read:
"Coffee and Dog Hair"
on the other side it said;
"I never leave home without them."

Somebody better get me that mug!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Condo Woes

Okay, Derrick is gone all week,
the hot water isn't working,
they're replacing the steps out front (noisily),
I have to do laundry
and it's SOO foggy.

But do I want to be home in 95degrees right now? Naahhh

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mickey's Fine

We hit Disneyland Friday. It was foggy and cool and EMPTY. Well, practically. Only thousands instead of tens of thousands of people. There were no waits on rides. Heaven!

And for the 2nd year in a row, our family got the randomly-handed-out FAST PASSES! What a fun thing. All the employees congratulate you all day and the other sorry chaps look on with envy. It's even more fun as the day goes on and it gets more crowded. No waits in lines.

Sadly, we missed out on the new Finding Nemo ride. No fast passes there, and over an hour wait. Same with Matterhorn.

Lizzy loved Thunder Mountain last year, and cried through the whole ride this year. And Miss First Born, has-to-know-what's-happening- every -second Alex, would not venture on to Space Mountain because it's in the dark!

Guess we had a big lesson in Pleasing Seven. It will never happen. Derrick started with the rule (really more of a guideline) that we all go on all the rides! Oh well, best intentions.

It was a fun day over all. Jack Sparrow still is a favorite and Haunted Mansion a la Tim Burton is an absolute disappointment. The Nightmare Before Christmas has taken it over.

I'm sure we'll still fork out the bucks, even so.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Components of God's Call

I have really been enjoying Ravi Zacharias' book The Grand Weaver, How God Shapes Us through the Events of Our Lives.

Understanding and heeding God's call on our lives seems to be an unending question. It shouldn't be! Dr Zacharias gives 3 very clear ways to hear it.

1. A devout prayer life. Amen! Doesn't it all start with that? If I am to be His temple, then I need to do as God told Isaiah "My house will be called a house of prayer". 56:7. That is where God speaks.

2. Humility is the touchstone of serving God. Why do I think I need to be in a pulpit or on a stage to make a difference?

"A commonplace life, we say and we sigh
But why do we sigh as we say?
The commonplace sun in the commonplace sky
Makes up the commonplace day.
The moon and the stars are commonplace things,
And the flower that blooms and the bird that sings;
But dark were the world and sad our lot,
If the flowers failed and the sun shone not,
And God who studies each separate soul
Out of commonplace lives makes His beautiful whole.

3. And finally, seeking the counsel and guidance of godly men and women. I am SO grateful I have that. My prayer is that my children would seek that as well. I want other men and women to be there for them as we are. Godly people like our parents. What a heritage they have for our children. And you dear friends and teachers. To have your voice in our lives is a gift from God.

And Lord, You are the author of the call on my life. I know You have a plan in mind and I can rest assured that it is the BEST. Even when I can't see the future, I know YOU hold it.