Monday, October 22, 2007

Smoky Monday

We were so excited to have our home school entrance passes with discounts to Legoland. As we headed 5 minutes south to Carlsbad, the outlook was grim. We had been watching the news about the brush fires inland. It now totals 14 fires!!! Over 20,000 acres, many homes lost and people injured and relocated. Our hearts sank. Legoland was closed because of the poor air quality and employees and families effected by the fires. We weren't sad to miss out on Legoland, we started talking about being sick in a hospital and having to move somewhere else. We talked about losing a home to fire, or worse, a friend or family member. We are praying for God to intervene in a mighty way, bringing all to Him who are open to Him!

So up the coast we went, away from the smoke. It seemed to follow us.

Emma took this picture from the back seat of the car. That wire is a street light.

We had a wonderful tour of the Mission San Luis Rey.
Can't believe we'd never been there after all these years.
What a respite for so many and for hundreds of years.
The sacred garden had my favorite French Lavender and even a mandarin orange tree!

Lizzy and Lavender

I think Emma is missing her Gregg friends. Sorry, no disrespect intended.

Saint Francis of Assissi

Still heading north, leaving the smoke, but finding more in San Clemente.
Then up to Dana Pointe and the Ocean Institute.
I don't ever remember being at the beach when it is this warm! Usually a cool breeze takes over, but not here. We walked out to the jetty where tidepools have marine life in them. Two tall ships were there in the harbor and some kids were leaving on a tour. Wonderful. My kids were sad to learn our Catalina tall ship educational cruise was cancelled in May. Bummer! I had just found out on my email. Maybe next year, or we'll do our own! Always Hubby's dream.

How's that for a smoky shot, sailing off into the ....????


Ginger said...

We miss you and I am so sorry that all is so smoky there.

Family Gregg said...

Are you guys able to breath alright? Man oh man!
Tombstone made me laugh out loud.

Mom of Five said...

I couldn't believe she took a picture of a tombstone! So sweet.

No, the air is horrific. Having my hot lemon tea so I can swallow. Kids are sleeping peacefull and have no idea we are watching the news every minute. It's as far north as the delRios freeway. We are right at the 76 freeway on the coast. Just near Camp Pendleton. Pray!