Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitchen Preview

Here's a little preview before the new doors get put in.

Juan didn't like that our new fridge stuck out, so he built a box around it.
My new favorite thing. An ice maker. Derrick put it in the wall of the wetbar and Juan framed it. Still needs the front of it done. The door panel kit is on order.
Here's the island, sans doors. Distressed cream.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Getaway for 2

The view from our room looking west.
The view from our room on the top floor of the Victorian wing. So beautiful. (looking north)

Surprise from the Del, for our 20th we were celebrating. (even though it was last December!)They had commemorative bottles of wine for their 120th anniversary.

We got home safely last night from CA. The kids did great without us. I am glad. Sitting at the beach, seeing families made me wish our kids were with us. Then I am quick to remember sitting at the beach and seeing couples alone, wishing that was my man and me! Never satisfied?
I have never seen such huge Black Eyed Susans, I have only seen little ones in Oregon.

We rode bikes all around the island. And what are the odds of running into my good friend Amy Cavness on the beach? I couldn't believe it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

It's getting closer. Our guy lost a day when his truck broke down. So the priming and sanding was Thursday, Today will be the lacquer and glaze. Another day with no fridge, water or cupboards.
Derrick and I head to the Del on Coronado, and so next Wednesday he'll put the new doors on. Kids have to live with a little mess until then, sorry kiddos! I know they'll have fun cleaning and putting things away while we're gone! Click here to see the bannisters, that's the color the cupboards will be, and the island will be distressed white.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark Zeeman Visits

An old, dear friend of ours, not necessarily old, is in town and it was so great catching up with him. He and I worked together for many years at my old church when he came to ASU to work on his PhD in piano performance. He played the piano in our wedding almost 21 years ago now. About 5 1/2 years ago, he followed God's call to minister in Budapest with Calvary Chapel church there. God seemed to want to stretch him even further and he started a gospel choir! And he didn't even speak the language!
His first rehearsal brought to his surprise, 55 people and today there are more than 200 in the choir and band. They have traveled all over Europe and have even recorded 2 CDs.

Here's the website, hopefully you speak Hungarian!

The most amazing part, is that the choir is really an outreach to bring the Gospel to unbelievers. They love the music,the fellowship and community of the believers, and they are drawn to join. Isn't God creative?
Here they are on YouTube singing "In the Sanctuary". Mark is directing the choir, in his minimal style!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Work and Play Together

My brother Steve is the one with the puffy ankle, just in case the hairy legs didn't tip you off!

The Cook doesn't look tired does she?
"Just don't ask me to smile, I'm too tired."

My mom (see Cook above) used to sing this song to us when we were little.

"When we work and play together
In a kind and friendly way
Taking turns and sharing play things
We will have a happy day"

Dorky, but cute.Well, my brother and I had a chance to relive our childhood song and we worked and played together! My mom and I and my 2 youngest daughters, went to Laguna Niguel to help Steve unpack boxes, move furniture in and get some things into cupboards. It was quite a bit of work. Especially when I was the only other 'muscle' he had to pick up a new washer and dryer. Yikes!
Wonderful sticky notes, to know what's in each cupboard.

But we had time to play too. The girls got to swim, we had lunch out and Tuesday we went to Disneyland. It was pretty quiet there until about 5pm. I think the crowds thought they'd beat the heat and come later in the day, but it didn't really even cool down.

Aahh, Dole pineapple whips to cool down!

Watching the girl cousins together was so sweet. See Lizzy's blog for her idea of fun in Disneyland. And see our FAST PASS!! (mom and her wheelchair, no waiting in lines!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do Hard Things (click here)

I just wrote a post to the Homemakers by Choice blog and I hope you will go there and read it. I'm too lazy to redo it.

Derrick's sister gave the teen cousins this book over the weekend and Derrick and I have been reading it. It is amazing and exciting and challenging! READ IT. And then let your teen READ IT! I will post again after Alex and Dex read it. It's on their summer reading list. I think God is doing a mighty work through the brothers that wrote this. And my prayer is the next generation of leaders will be up to this challenge!

Movin' In

My dear brother, my niece and their entourage are right now heading south from Oregon to southern California. They have a whole lot of stuff, and so does his mother-in-law who will be living with them! Sheri is away, speaking for 10 days. She's missing all the fun!
We're on our way to help with the move-in. I'll post more from there. Pray for our safe journey!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

13 Year Olds, Cousins a day apart

Cash always works!! But they got books, cool shirts, and a camera too.

And here sits the forgotten birthday cake, in the garage fridge. Oops.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Long Day

Since they were sanding, priming, sanding and glazing then lacquering our banisters all day, we had a birthday OUT.
First, breakfast at the Good Egg. Mmm

Next, a new cell phone ... fun
And a surprise in seeing "Hancock" with some friends.
Still not done lacquering, so Starbuck's to beat the heat.

Still not done lacquering, so dinner at Islands.
Then home.... here is the BEFORE picture

Here is the AFTER picture. And tomorrow... they'll be sealed.
And how's this for God's handiwork to end our day? (our drive home)

My Firecracker Baby turns 13!

Wow, another teenager, this time a boy, in our home.

Dexter, you
are so easy to be with
are quick to smile
love to learn
are patient with your siblings
are intelligent
funny and witty

I can't wait to see what God does in and through you. My prayer is that you'll allow Him to make you what He wants you to be.

Happy Day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

God Answered

We have been praying for the Johnson family as they have had the challenges and joys of adopting 3 daughters from Haiti over the last 2 years. Last night, the 3rd daughter came home! Click on their blog here to read more about their amazing journey.

Thank You Lord for answering prayers and give them peace and endurance as they begin this life together as a family of 5. Created for Your glory!
Cate holding Nica as they greet friends and family on her arrival home last night.

Papa Sean

The girls at home, together at last!