Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hear the Waves

I was pregnant with Jefferson in May of 2001 when we first went to this beach.
(Picture above in the title, from last year)
Sweet memories.

It's our annual Beach trip. After spending a week here and there at the beach, we decided it's too much work to get there and too much work after we get home, and there's so much we want to do there, that we'd stay longer! But I'll be online, maybe not quite as much as that lady in Chicago who gets 20-30,000 hits a day. She has 6 kids. Mommy blogging hit the national news last night. I couldn't believe it!! I do love keeping in touch and reading the wisdom of those in the trenches.

Oh, I'm babbling, back to the beach....

Rest, no stress, family and friend time, healthy food and finally rest. Did I say that twice? I'm ready for it.

The perfect combination.


Audra Krell said...

Susan, I am hearing the waves too and loving it! So good to be with you and your beautiful family. Your blog looks great and you are so diligent about posting. You are blessed. Love, Audra

Mom of Five said...

Thanks Audra, what fun being with you guys too. Your boys are great. I'm thinking one last baseball game tomorrow with all 20 of us. I'll take pictures!

I have tried 3 times to post on your blog (I posted on your friend Niki's and it worked) I don't know wassup.

Just wanted to tell you I'm looking forward to reading your beautiful blog and getting to know you more. See you in the morning!

Ginger said...

I miss you! And the sound of the beach. Wish we could be there.

Family Gregg said...

Enjoy! Take lots of photos so we can see.
I must let you know....Galilee cried and cried in the tub Mnday night because she was going to miss Emma so. It was really sweet and childlike. One of those moments I'd like to remember forever.