Sunday, November 29, 2009

Youth Sunday

What a blessing to have some of the junior high and high school kids from our church involved in S.A.L.T. (Students Arts Leadership Training) They have instrumental and vocal training as well as learning what it means to be a leader in worship and life.

Emma and Dexter

Alex and Kelsie "Follow You"

"Speak O Lord"

Alex, my childhood friend's daughter Kelsie Doan and KeeganKrell. Kelsie's mom and I (Leslie Stone) used to sing together growing up. This is such a sweet thing to see our daughters singing together too! But they're both awesome on guitar.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Heart

My sister and her family of 5 came over today, my in-laws and my folks. It was a small group of 17. It was a little strange not having any 'outsiders' this year. But it just didn't work out. I was so happy to 'let my hair down'. We have so much fun together. Each and every kid too. Jackson (8) said, "your Aunt Dee is so friendly". She played Hide and Seek in the dark with them. Wow, she IS cool! The food was superb, but really, the company and conversation was the best part.

For boys over 6 feet, basketball is something you do in your sleep.

Harrison showing us some 'classical moves'. You should hear him rock on the electric!

"Can we play ball yet Harrison?" Dex

Just getting started.

Me, my mom and my sis

what to do on a swing set? (Emma 12) Aunt Dee taught her to ride her bike with no hands! That's her claim to glory today.

Jefferson is seriously recruiting his cousin Jackson for Pop Warner. (no way!)

What does a 16 year old do on a swing set?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Love Sami!

Last night, a beautiful baby Hendricks/Dunham boy was born to Sami and BJ. We can't wait to meet him! Sami has been dear to us for many years. When she was in junior high, I took her home from Homemakers by Choice where she helped in child care. She was new to being home schooled at the time, and she was so sweet to answer all my questions about home schooling. She loved it and was so glad to be home.
Even then, Sam had purpose and knew that she wanted to be a wife and mother some day. BJ worked with the youth at their church and is a few years older than she. They had a sweet courtship and married when she was 20. Alex was 14 then and was a junior bridesmaid in their wedding, Lizzy was a flower girl and I sang and played. It was a gorgeous wedding. They moved to Virginia for BJ to complete his degree in theology and we got to be with them this summer in Williamsburg. We are so excited to meet little Brayden! They will be amazing parents!

Sam and BJ came to Williamsburg in August. Hot and muggy AND pregnant. Bad combo, but she was a trooper!

Isn't she cute?
BJ in his regimental grays!

The wedding, March 2006 (Alex is right behind Sami the bride)

Christmas 07, Chris (note his lovely apron!) , Sami and Alex
Emma Grace, mom Ginger and Sami
My Emma holding Emma Grace when she was 3 months old, 2006 Christmas.
Sami and Alex Christmas baking in 2005
Our families at the zoo in 2005 (above) Sami painting my kitchen (below)
Scrapbooking was something we always loved doing together.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Project

Here's a weekend project for ya! Redoing the sprinklers. Or something like that. The main valves or spiggots or hoodahadas when I don't know what to call things.

Derrick (engineer) and son (future engineer?) drew up the plans and carried them out.

So, needless to say, the men were a little too fatigued to join us for the play Pride and Prejudice, put on by Moezart Productions, starring our friend Matt Anvik as none other than, Mr Darcy. Of course, all the girls dream of a proposal like this! Even Alex! Well, we kind of staged it, Matt's folks and me!