Thursday, July 7, 2011

My farming family

What an amazing 2 weeks we had! It's been 7 years since our whole family went to North Dakota. My kids have gone without us, twice!! We love our Bibelheimer family, and are so blessed to be able to see them fairly often. They come here to get out of the snow. Todd and Pam even came last summer for a Gideon convention here in Phoenix.

We joined them at family camp at Crystal Springs, Medina ND. Kenny and Nicole (my cousin) were the directors. Todd (cousin) and Pam's son Michael led us in amazing worship. My uncle Roy, has not missed a family camp since 1954!!! Doesn't that blow your mind???

Maybe I will post some farm pics, but Alex did a family photo shoot for them while we were at camp.

I love our shared legacy in Christ and growing old with them. They are very dear to us.