Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom's New Knee

Praise God, for medical advancements.
Tuesday morning my mom had a full knee replacement.
Today, she walked down the hall of the hospital and hopes to go home tomorrow.
There was a lot of pain at first, but she seemed so amazed she could move and bend it right away.
You have to check out this virtual tour of a knee replacement. It's not gory, it's animated. The kids love it because it's interactive.
Go to Edheads- Virtual Knee Surgery


Tanya said...

Isn't God great to teach us (uh, surgeons, not me!) so much. Great about your mom. Will do that tour w/ the kids. part of science tomorrow! yay!

Family Gregg said...

So grateful that it went well. You are a wonderful daughter, wanting to be w/ your mom at all times. What a pretty picture of love you have given your children.

Seven's Heaven said...

"Woa, I get by with a little help from my friends!" Thanks friend for allowing me to be with my mom!