Friday, May 9, 2008

Summer Thoughts

It looks like Mr Man has 2 job offers for sure. We have some praying and talking to do this weekend. Between a sleepover, baseball game, shopping for dresses and yard work. Not to mention the 3 girls and I get to sing in church Sunday. That will be fun.

So since Mr Man has what looks like a job coming.... I have been making summer plans. Actually they are DREAMS. But if I write them down, I'm more likely to get them done. Anyone relate to that? So you are my witnesses.

(these are in no particular order)
- go to Tennessee to see my friend Pam
- kids finish Saxon books!
- re-carpet the upstairs (before it gets too hot I hope)
- fix the roof (before it rains)
- Make book lists for the kids (I grew up with a librarian for a mom)
- Bible memory and devotions plan
- Music: piano, guitar, violin
- Go camping
- Prepare home school room which includes packing up last year's books that are still out!
- Scrapbook: finish '07 and London ('06)
- Keep up with the Keepers of the Home book

I always try to get out of the heat in the summer, but having a pool helps. Having migraines doesn't.
Next week: THE BEACH.
In August: THE BEACH (woohoo, my brother and his family are moving there! Free room and board!)
In June: Music camp and Bible School. And Alex and I will go again to Saddleback for the Worship conference with our church. This year, my cousin's son Michael will join us from North Dakota. That will be a blast!

There's a little bit of my world.

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