Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

There are many types of mothers.
Many women who are caring, nurturing and challenging to those who are younger.
That is the Titus 2 woman.
We are all called to teach the younger women, whether we are moms or not.
Many women have full nests, many have empty arms.
But all can care for and love others.
We will all leave a legacy.
Whether we bear children or not.

Lord, comfort those hurting today. Whether they are not with their mom, or had a mom who didn't know You. Whether they are moms or won't be, give them the comfort only You can, that they are loved and cared for by You, the ultimate, awesome Father.

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Tanya said...

Happy Mother's Day!
May we all grow closer to our God and more like that Titus 2 woman!