Monday, May 5, 2008

An Audience of One

To end our glorious Sabbath day, back to church for Emma to dance with her worship/dance team, God's Girls, led by Miss Janna. What an absolute blessing that has been these last 2 years. 8-10 year old girls meeting with a godly woman/wife/mother that mentors and prays with them each week. Oh yeah, and they learn to dance and worship for the King of Kings. No small task if you ask me!

This is one of those opportunities that I know is rare and a blessing that comes along so seldom.

Can you tell which one is Emma? Yep, the one that's tall like her mom. But she's much more at peace about it than I ever was. Because she's learning to 'perform' for the right reasons.

An audience of One.


Alex Joy said...

I love how Emma holds her hands when she dances, so gracefull.

Family Gregg said...

Alex, you are a wonderful sister.

Susan G said...

Way to go Emma!!!!!!! Love the Green's!