Sunday, May 4, 2008

Full Sabbath Day

What a glorious day!!!
All 7 of us on stage singing in worship with the kids' choirs, worship teams and orchestra this morning. It was so much fun for me to look back in the choir loft and see my man and 4 kids singing and clapping. (sometimes on the beat) Then to see my smiling daughter at the violin too.
And to sing with my childhood friend Leslie. It doesn't get better.

But it does!

Mom is home and happy and getting around. She is so excited to be in her own bed and looking out her windows to the greens and roses in her backyard. We unpacked, got her a frostie and dad went and got her meds. She's set. I hope to get over there tomorrow because she really shouldn't get up alone yet and I hope they'll let me get some groceries.

Pray her blood stays up! She had two pints and can't have a 3rd.

Maybe liver is in order for lunch tomorrow!


Family Gregg said...

Maybe liverwurst sandwiches from the deli counter?

You are a wonderful daughter.

Twinkie1 said...

what a privilege to sing with you. You are such a precious support for me. love you dear one.