Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Quiet but Glorious Time

I was surprised I awoke at 3:36am! I looked at the clock, jumped out of bed, hurrying to catch the lunar eclipse. I had to run out front to the west and there was the shadowy moon. I thought it would be a black dot with the bright aura around it kind of thing. But it wasn't. Did I miss it? Then I got my big mama camera and looking through the lens, it looked perfect. And NOTHING showed up on the viewer. How disappointing. I kept trying. Drank some water, moped around not knowing if I should wake up the smart hubby or not. Then it occurred to me (don't have to hit me over the head with a lunar eclipse twice) that this is precious, uninterrupted time I could be spending with my Savior. Maybe He woke me up! Mmmm....

Gradually, ever so subtly, the brightest sliver of sun started showing again on the upper left corner of the moon. What an awesome sight. I had forgotten how bright it had been at 9pm when I took that other shot. It was glorious to watch. It is now after 5am and the eclipse is almost complete.

Thank You Father for meeting me here. For showing me Your majestic wonders, for listening to my heart and being so patient with me. I am grateful for Your speaking to me in whispers.
It teaches me to have a quiet heart and ears to hear.

"The quieter one's life, the more conducive it is to holiness" Elisabeth Elliot

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Family Gregg said...

I just posted about it too! Isn't He an amazing father!?" I am so happy to know He woke one of my sisters up too.

Ginger said...

Ok God works in very wonderful ways. I was awakened this morning at about 3:16 I think is what the clock said by Emma who never wakes up in the middle of the night anymore. To say that I was not happy about being awake would be an understatement. But she wanted me to feed her so I picked her sweet little body up and sat in my chair in our room nursing my little baby. So thankful that I have this precious and amazing gift he gave me. I was also watching "Fresh Prince" and all the while my to dear friends, you and Dawn, where up watching a much better show than I. I should have listened a little closer and maybe I would been able to hear God say look at me. I am putting on a show outside. Thank you ladies for sharing and know that I was up at the same time as you were.

Sallie said...

I took pics of the beginning and the end but I fell asleep for the middle...OOPS.. I was so upset I missed the full red effect. I posted my pics but they aren't that great!

We are in AZ too..
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting me at Beside Still Waters. And to post my link on your blog..what a blessing!

I wish I would have gotten up for the eclipse!! I enjoyed your post on it.

Blessings, Patty