Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's Why I Home School

I'm having another day to myself! Oh what to do! The dog is going a little crazy with no kids to keep her busy. But wait, she's found a friend outside. I checked, there's no rattle on the end to scare her off, the nitwit. I was throwing a ball (the dog thought it was for her) and rocks (she didn't chase those but the lawn Mower won't appreciate it) and still this reptile just kept slithering along.

Now it's in the pool area!!

So much for that afternoon dip. For me, that is.

Maybe I should paint the ugly pool fence? (see photo)

So why do I home school again?

a) the kids keep the dog happy
b) the kids keep wild animals away
c) the kids can learn about said wild animals and dog
d) all of the above

That's right, D!


Donna Boucher said...

Oh heavens! That is a scary snake.
I haven't seen a wild snake in years.

I like your reasons for homeschooling :o)

Family Gregg said...

we have had a snakes in our back yad and some behind our fence.