Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home Alone

What a treat! What do I do first? Dishes, forget that. Laundry, no that can wait, the kids do their own, it's mine that needs to be done. Scrapbooking, oh yeah. As much as I love scrapbooking with my 3 daughters, I never seem to get much done of my own. I realized, it is relaxing for me, my creative outlet. Decorating the house has taken a back seat to it. In the picture, that is 2004, I'm a bit behind. But I like to do "trips" and put those in. It's the every day life stuff I'm behind in. Oh, how that echoes my life.

So it's just me, the Sense and Sensibility sound track, coffee, paper and glue. How simple is that?

Later... okay, it was only a few hours, maybe a taste of Tuesday!! The kids have Tuten Tuesday at the in-laws. Is it bad that I look forward to that?? Sometimes just 2 go, maybe this week they can all go....


Ginger said...

Sooooooo wonderful. You know that I love you and scrap booking with you as well!

Donna Boucher said...

Your scrapbook looks great!
I am working on one for my graduate!

Mine are not very pretty.
But I sure admire those nicely done pages!

Family Gregg said...

hi mrs. Tutun

ummm my mom is going to the hospital. please pray for her.

Love, Galilee