Monday, August 27, 2007

What am I Feeding Them?

I have felt the conscience prickle that I get each new school year. How can we live in Scottsdale and guard our children's hearts? What appetites are we encouraging in our children that may not be fulfilled with their future spouse and may cause stress in that relationship? What appetites are they developing that will draw them from what God has called them to? What I mean by appetites are the things of this world. Things that are easy to dwell on and pull our heart from our one True Love. Anything can do that, of course it's sin. But so insidious today. We don't think of sports as a sin appetite, until we are completely obsessed with it that we can't get enough and eat and breathe it all day and have to attend this or that event or sit in front of the boob tube indefinitely. We don't think of outdoor sports that way either, unless we have to get a loan to feed our need for thrills on land and sea. And vacations can be to feed the lust of self instead of being a healthy respite with the family. What am I setting my kids up for as adults?

We head to Hawaii with Derrick's family this week.(hopefully I can get the laundry done today at my mom's!) I am not feeling one bit guilty, we have been home all summer, saving money and reading and talking about the beautiful paradise God has created within our own United States. The kids have never been there and we have been there as a couple twice. I have always wanted them to come back with us and I am so grateful.

When we come home, we will start school. So while we are there, I will find a relaxing chair on the beach or by the pool, to think and pray about a new year with these 5 blessings. We are in a co-op for the first time so it's hard to know what else we can do at home. I am convicted to do Family Time all together after breakfast like we used to do. Derrick prefers the morning for Family worship because he is so tired at the end of the day when we used to have it. But the kids and I will extend that Family time to include discussion of what we're reading and such. In previous years, that has been their favorite part of the day. Unless we are sitting down, talking and looking at each other, you really can't see into your children's hearts. You can see so much in their eyes and body language. I have been remiss in that. I read on a friend's blog, who has gone before me, that she notices she has let her kids read good books but not great books. I hear you! Our Sonlight curriculum from last year really did provide some great books. What about this year? I am excited about their classes in the co-op: Economics, Literature, Short story writing and poetry, Screenwriting, Worldview, Bible and Science. And the women who are teaching are amazing. But I have the responsibility of my kids' hearts. I can't forget that.


Ginger said...

I love you and your insight.

Traci said...

Mmmmm... Hawaii. One of my favorite places on earth. Have a great trip.
I am really enjoying your blog.
I use Sonlight too.... just started. Today, actually.

Donna Boucher said...

Have a wonderful vacation.

About combating worldliness....
as Tedd Tripp says....

You be dazzeled by the "right" things and you will lead the way.