Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wowee Maui

We had a great time in Hawaii, the whole 10 Tutens. Here are the kids on our Kihei beach. No rocks, no seaweed and glorious water.

Highlights: Jefferson and Emma learning to surf with their Aunt Dee on his 6th birthday

Lowlights: Hot and muggy

Highlights: kayaking and snorkeling with the sea turtles

Lowlights: Hot and muggy

Highlights: Good food, good fun, good family

Lowlights: Hot and muggy

Highlights: A washer and dryer in our unit

Lowlights: Using the washer and dryer when it's hot and muggy

Oh well, the highlights win anyway!


Ginger said...

so glad that you are home!

SeanandCate said...

Hi Susan,
It was nice to catch up the other night. I am glad you weren't eaten by a shark!

Family Gregg said...

great CHRISTmas card!?