Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a Week!

Last week I was distracted (in a good way) with preparing for music camp each day. I guess I felt I short-changed the younger two a bit. They kept saying "can we just stay home?" But they had fun. One day at one grandparents' house, one day the grandparents here, two other days with friends at their houses. So this week, I said YES to just about whatever they suggested! A good thing, in moderation! It's only Wednesday and I am wiped out!

Emma and her friend McKenzie, getting creative with frosting.

Aah, the final product.

I went to tea at English Rose Tea Garden here in Carefree with my friend Julie for her birthday. (albeit late!) And that was so relaxing and enjoyable. Great food, even better company. Click HERE for pictures of the tea room. And HERE for a virtual tour, with the owner Joanne narrating in her English accent. It's so beautiful.

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