Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Schedule
So it begins, the questions about what a home school family does during the summer. Do you continue with school? Don't they get a break?

Actually, yes to both. We continue with school but we also have breaks. We take breaks all year. If we want to travel in February, we can. If we want to take a longer Christmas break, we do.

I always seem to have big dreams for the summer though. Because it isn't the normal schedule. We are inside a little more unless we're swimming or it's really early in the morning or we are inside at the mall or a museum or the movies.

I was in the middle of remodeling a kitchen last summer, recarpeting the house and having the outside painted. So cleaning up the clutter upstairs and moving the girls rooms was part of it. I always want to catch up on scrapbooking, never happens. Only in small chunks.

So here's what our days look like:
8am Breakfast
Music practice (piano, guitar, violin)
(have yet to pick the 11,13 and 16 year olds' books yet, so they're reading fun stuff)
Writing (cards, letters, journals, blogs)As I was writing this, my 16 year old had just written a new entry in her story blog. Click here to read it. So cool
Noon: Lunch
Free time
MWF (computer)
Errands or outings

Next week we have music camp in the afternoons.
July 1-18 my older 3 kids will be on the farm in North Dakota.
July 19-26 Home
July 26-August 15 Road trip to my nephew's wedding in North Carolina. (I'd love some ideas of what to do, where to stop on our way east!)

So they're actually not home a lot. The thing about studying foreign languages, music and math, is it's really hard to take long breaks from it. You lose ground. I'm grateful the kids actually have seen that and don't want to lose what they've worked on.

Lord, may I be diligent in teaching and training these gifts from You. Preparing them for a future that is in Your hands. Praying they choose the narrow path, the one that serves You, helps further Your kingdom, reaches the lost, uses their gifts for Your glory.

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simple living said...

beautiful, susan! we're schooling some this summer too, but fitting in time for a visit to tennessee and some early golfing. it gets so hot ~ boredom and laziness become issues and learning is a good alternative! i do let them sleep in a little though...i think that feels like summer!