Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Music Camp

It doesn't get much better, singing with kids that love to sing! I am so blessed. We have 32 kids on the vocal team, grades 7-12 and I think 21 in the band!! So amazing. Lots of talent. I am humbled to get to work with the gifted Sean Johnson, Joe Bubar and Tammy Reimche. Their music abilities exceed the common man. Composing, playing many instruments, sheet music:optional!

Here's the music camp blog: SBC Music Camp 09

My Alex and our life-long friend Kelsie Doan.
I've known her since before she was born. Is that possible?
Logan Domenico (I have known this fine young man since he was about 3 I think)

Michael Blair, there are no words for this young man's enthusiasm and love of worshiping and of life. Sean Allen has an amazing talented voice and makes me laugh. I am so glad they're on my team!

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