Friday, June 19, 2009

Aah, the Model Shines

A man in our orchestra at church,Robert Dickinson, asked if Alex would pose for some shots for his website. I love the colors he captured in her hair. These are untouched and I have to select from about 32 he sent me. It was a fun experience.

Alex and Emma were approached at a restaurant by some Barbazon photographers and they gave us their name and numbers to contact them. Haven't done that, but who knows? Could be a way through college. LOL. (for someone who doesn't like makeup or jewelry or clothes for that matter, she might not enjoy that world!)


familygregg said...

Your girls are so beautiful.

Helped put me through school and buy a house!

Tamara said...

What beautiful pictures! Her sweet spirit shines out of her eyes.

familygregg said...
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familygregg said...

Wow Alex looks beautiful in these pic's but all your daughters are beautiful.