Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's in a Home Schooler Mom's Day?

Being gone the last 4 days, I was asked many times what I do. What does my day look like? And a few times, I was reminded of the things I don't have the opportunity to do. Then God will remind me with a glimpse, a blessing, why I am doing this.

6:30 AM - Time with God, time with Derrick, time for myself
7:30 AM - Wake the troops
8:00 AM - Breakfast and devotions
8:30 AM - Chores
9:00 AM - School work
Noon - Lunch
12:30 - Chores/Laundry stuff (every day)
1 - 3 - School, reading with younger kids
3:00 - Tea Time
3:30 - music practice with whomever needs it
Some kids are free reading, finishing work, 3 days a week they can do the computer at this time.
This is when I get my stuff done. Some days I'm still working with kids. My favorite days are preparing dinner with the girls, or a tea time treat. But usually, before I know it, it's 5pm. I sometimes sneak in to my computer to do this blog or check email, when kids are doing chores. But it's a short time.

This morning I found myself looking at a catalog. Whoops. That's when the coveting comes in. "I want my house to look like that" "Oh I wish I could get curtains here" "We need to redo and paint the bathrooms". I know we got a lot done this summer. But nothing was really 'decorating'. That's the fun part I miss. And shopping. Somehow I don't have that time to find that special gift for a friend. I feel like I'm taking a shortcut if I order online. The easy road. Even if it's something they want. I guess I don't feel like I made any sacrifice to get it.

I love my life, I guess I just had some reminders this weekend. I love that my kids love 'home' and want to be here. I love that they want to read all day, and have the opportunity! I love that they want to make something, spur of the moment, and can. I love that they have to work out whatever comes up. They're together all day. I love that they're being prepared to have a family and want that. I also love that they are learning self-motivation, self-learning and a work ethic that will carry them through life.


Susan G said...

That is so sweet!!!!! Thanks for reminding us!!!

familygregg said...

Oh Susan, I love this post.

Tanya said...

Great reminders. I needed 'em!