Monday, September 15, 2008

Hard but Good

My dad and his older sister Margaret.

My sister Karen, Dad's sister Margaret, me, my cousins Kay and Cindi and my Mom.

Cousin Kay, Uncle Ed (Lois' husband) my cousin Vicki's daughter Ckira, my niece Emilie, my cousin Bruce's daughter Emily.
Uncle Ed and his brother-in-law, my Dad.

It's strange to answer the question: did you have a good time with your family this weekend? Of course some knew it was for my aunt's funeral. Others knew she is now whole and in heaven. So how to answer? It was a hard reason to come together as a family, but a good time being together. Especially to celebrate a life well-lived. I hope it was a time when we could look at our own hearts and lives. What will they say when we're gone? She had a great house, she was always going to the gym and looked great, she had a good paying job. Or will it be, she took care of her home and family, had a job that blessed others, she reached out to neighbors, helped those in need. Loved those she was with as much as she could.

And God will say, "well done, good and faithful servant, welcome home."

There were.....
Lots of hugs and tears.

Lots of laughter and stories.

Lots of catching up.

Lots of promises to stay in touch better.

But all of it good and memorable.

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