Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Legacy of Aunt Lois

Aunt Lois (standing), my grandma Shepherd (sitting), cousin Ann and her daughter Molly. 1985

My dad's older sister Lois passed away yesterday. She had been battling lung cancer for several years, having never smoked or been around people who do. She worked in a doctor's office of all places. She leaves behind wonderful uncle Ed who is still a child at heart at the age of 75 I think. He is the funnest grandpa. Always new toys to play with when children visit. They were a great combination because Lois collected dolls. She has a gorgeous collection going back generations.
Lois and Ed have 5 biological children. Ann, Dan, Bruce, Vicki and Rodney. They also had several foster children through the years. Their home was such a welcoming place. They are the legacy Aunt Lois leaves behind.
We are all hoping to be together there in Huntington Beach next week, to celebrate her life and reconnect as siblings, cousins, aunt, uncles.

Aunt Lois and my mom in 2006

Uncle Ed playing with Jefferson

Just another of Uncle Ed's strange gadgets/toys!
We'll miss you Aunt Lois, but it's a comfort to know you're not suffering anymore and we'll see you again!


familygregg said...

Oh, the joy! Oh, the thanksgiving!

A Touch Creative said...

What an incredible legacy! May all those lovely memories and joys hold you and Aunt Lois's family up during this time. Much prayer, much love, and hugs to come. Love Ya, Janice