Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aah, the Spa

Some girlfriends and I went to Westin Kierland for 2 nights, after I returned from the funeral. What a respite it was. I also went to our worship team retreat Saturday and sang and worshipped and fellowshipped for a few hours. Talk about another respite! Back to the resort, these girlfriends and I have committed to 'journey through life together' and we did a recap of our last 10 years. WOW, good and hard. Good to see what God has brought us through. Hard to see what God has brought us through!

Bagpipes played at sunset daily. (click on pic to enlarge, the lone piper is standing down in the grass in a white shirt)
My Tennessee girlfriend Pam Pierce
And one of my other dearest friends Jules.
Can't really post any other pics, because we were in our jammies!A few families joined us Sunday afternoon to play,
float down the river and slide down the water slide! Here's 'Auntie Otto' with those cute Thompson kids, minus one.

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Tanya said...

Oh, I'm going next weekend for my once a year retreat. your post is making me anxious. That pool looks wonderful. Glad you had the time away; all moms, especially us homeschooling ones, really need that special time w/ God.