Friday, June 13, 2008

Let the Games Begin

After a week with a tea party and a baby shower, it's time to buckle down and get organized. All I did was clean and tidy this week. Of course I left my camera at the shower last night, so the point and shoot will have to do.This book case above was at the top of the stairs, now it's at the bottom. One less thing to move when recarpeting. I kind of like it here. This used to be a little reading nook anyway, it might stay there. I think the only furniture I continue to justify buying,is book shelves. I don't think you can have too many books. They're a treasure for the heart, mind and soul.
This bookcase also will have to go. We have WAY too many DVDs. (this isn't even close to all of them, they seem to be in every room. I think they're breeding.)
This is my desk in the boys' room, aka; the home school room. It just collects things there. All the upstairs furniture will have to go in here to recarpet. So this is my battle ground this weekend. Stay tuned, more fun to come...

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Audra Krell said...

We tore out and replaced all the flooring in our house last summer. It was quite the project. I am so happy now and hardly ever think about the "process" it was to get it replaced! Blessings as you embark on this big project!