Saturday, June 21, 2008

Big Blessings

Sometimes we receive small blessings and sometimes they're big. And even the smallest blessings can turn out to be big. It's all perspective isn't it? Our new pastor at SBC has been doing a series on "the Old Made New". (download a sermon here) It has been challenging and renewing! Our biggest battle, that only we Christians face, is that of the flesh versus the spirit. We have the power of the Holy Spirit in us, but do we give It control? We are fleshly beings, so this is a difficult battle, but necessary that we look at it as a battle. God can work through us when we give Him control! So seeing the small blessings each day, is much easier for me when I am letting the Spirit live through me. Seeing my children help each other and build each other up, is a small, often over-looked act, to the world. To me it becomes a big blessing. Uncle Roy getting to the hospital because of chest pains, at first seemed like a small blessing. He'll be alright, his enzymes aren't too high. And 4 days later, he's had a successful quadruple by-pass. Those chest pains turn into a huge blessing, saving his life even!

In CA a few weeks ago, we were dreaming about new appliances, ours having come with the house, were showing their age. We became interested in the Electrolux line (who doesn't love Kelly Rippa?) and the rebate they offered looked like a great blessing. Thursday night we went to Loew's with the intention to buy said appliances, and they said they can't get them, maybe 30 days!! That didn't sound promising. But it turned out to be blessing. We checked on line at Sears, the other distributor of Electrolux, and they had everything in stock. So we made it a family night and headed to Sears. And there, staring me in the face was another blessing. On a red sign, 12% cash rebate! Ending today!! How excited are we?? It ends up that we'll have a new dishwasher.. FREE! Thank You Lord for large and small blessings!

"Items are larger than they appear" thank goodness!

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