Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keepers Tea Party

It was our last Keepers meeting until the fall. We hosted a tea party and scrapbooked some Keepers pages.

It was a lovely time, the girls came dressed for the occasion. So sweet. My eldest daughter even served the girls so I could have some chat time with the moms. The girls had her hoppin'. Vanilla tea, black currant tea, scones, quiches, cookies, tarts, etc. Yummmm.

I didn't even take a tea picture, maybe Dawn or Susan has one I will add later.

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Tanya said...

sounds fun. our co-op had a girls tea last semester. it was great. I loved it, the girls loved it. is keepers a homeschool, friend, church, something else kind of group? sounds interesting. we have a planning meeting coming up, I'm all for new ideas!