Monday, February 4, 2008

Principles of Family Unity

Here is the discussion between Donna Otto and myself about raising a family.It's called Principles of Family Unity on I enjoyed talking with her about what I love most, my kids! Well, after God and Derrick.

Why we decided to home school. Family unity, managing a home and different ages. Teaching our children when they sit and lie down, when they get up and when they walk by the way. Deut 6.

We even talked a little about traditions and birthdays. Donna wasn't too excited about our 'contract' we were going to try with each kid where they learn what new responsibilities or privileges.

Tomorrow, is on scheduling. I can't even remember what I said, guess I'll have to listen tomorrow.

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Audrakrell said...

Hi Susan,
Finally got caught up on your amazing blog! Can't wait to listen to you and Donna Otto. Loved you on the news. You were wonderful. Hope to see you soon!
Love, Audra