Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

I have a mother who is also my friend. That is truly a blessing and one that I wish for some day with my kids. But it's a way off. I have to still be mom and I'm grateful for the legacy of my mother.

My mother is ....
JOY (her middle name)

When we were growing up, we were always encouraged to try. Whether that was in the kitchen, or sewing or decorating, ironing, sports, music. Whatever it was, she was our cheerleader.

She is a friend to so many. I seem to share her with many other women my age, and I'm so glad to do that. She has the gift of encouragement.

Thank You Father God for her Bibelheimer family who took care of her mother when my mom was born. You had a wonderful plan. Thank You that we have more time with her and her cancer is gone. May I be the daughter she needs and wants.

The grandkids made homemade cards for Mom. I think she liked them, after all, she was an elementary school teacher and librarian for many years. She appreciates refrigerator art.
If you click on Jefferson making the card, you can read his sweet words.

Playing Skip Bo, hearing a violin recital, having Roy and Garene here from North Dakota (her brother married her best friend) and eating messy ribs. It doesn't get much better than that!


KRay said...

Thanks so much for having Jack with you on Mom's special day! I'm glad that the Ray family could be represented while we were in Mexico.
Love you Mom!

Susan G said...

what an awesome legacy!!!!!! You have a wonderful mom!