Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Sick Movies

It has been a hard week, but the movies we have watched have made it more enjoyable. They are now officially our "sick movies".

Zathura (so fun after you get through the sibling rivalry to the 'teamwork' part)
Calamity Jane
Tarzan and Pocahontas (I don't think Jefferson or Lizzy had seen those)

Alex and I stayed up late and watched "Becoming Jane" last night. I wouldn't recommend parts of it to the young adolescent without mom there to explain. Jane's 'forbidden' teenage love interest, introduces her to 'passion' by giving her Tom Jones to read. Whereas it may be true that she lacked that type of experience in her writing (she had yet to write any of her novels), it did produce some good discussion for Alex and me. Do we really have to 'look' for experiences in order to write about them? What's the imagination for? And what does God want for our 'experiences'? Jane did talk about the effects the 'hero' Tom Jones, had on those around him. How our actions make a difference, not just to us. Bad characters come to bad ends she said. There's no way I do justice to Jane Austen's words. She is truly a huge part of English literature, timeless plots and characters. Alex really liked the film, even the ending. They do make the 'right' choice in the end, right for everyone, not just for the sake of love.

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Donna Boucher said...

I'm so sorry you are not well this week!
I will add you to my prayers.
Something must be going around in Ariz. Janet's family has been sick all week too!

So sorry!