Saturday, February 9, 2008


Oh, how pitiful when a child is sick. Fevers scare me. Ever since my nephew had a fevral seizure when he was one and my sister and I had 3 other little ones with us. In the middle of Scottsdale Fashion Square food court. And I stand up and yell for a 'doctor in the house'. You'd be amazed how quickly the security whisked these 2 moms and their double strollers, out of the mall to the curb to wait for the ambulance! Wouldn't want anything to 'happen' there, in their mall! No, make us wait outside in the 120 degree summer day.

Back to sick kids. Their true colors tend to shine when they're ill. Lizzy wanted the cold rag held on her head in a certain spot where the headache was. Then she positioned herself so her sore back could be rubbed a certain way. When she got out of her bed to come find me, it was because she just 'needed a little bit of snuggles'. I am not very good at the 'quarantine' method. I think I've held her and Jefferson all day.

I won't sleep well tonight. Only because Mr Motrin and Miss Tylenol don't seem to be doing their jobs. Her fever is still over 101. (since posting this, a dear friend reminded me of the other things I do before using Tylenol or Motrin. So I thought I should tell you that those I use just for their comfort if they can't sleep for a nap or at night. Knowing it may also bring down their temperature. But first we do epsom salt baths, teas, cool rags and Vicks on their feet with socks. That certainly helps their congestion and coughing. Amazingly.)

Lord, listen to your children praying. Ease her pain. Heal our bodies. There's much to do, but we trust Your timing.


Family Gregg said...

It's now 9:00. I pray all are sleeping soundly...and that temps are breaking.

Rootin' Tutens said...

You're a life saver for taking the K-3 class Monday. Thank you. It's 6am and Lizzy and Jeff are awake, resting, but quite warm. More Vicks on their feet! Thanks for your prayers.

KRay said...

Wouldn't you much rather be sick than have sick kids! It breaks a momma's heart to see her kids suffer. Just yesterday, from about 100 feet away, I saw Jack, looking pale and sick. I went running to him, only to discover that he had jumped a little too much in the "bounce house" at a party. Fortunately he didn't throw up....he's much better now (so am I).
Hope everyone is better soon. Love you all! Aunt Karen

Cate said...

Hi Susan,
I had a hard time with them getting shots today. I can't imagine the day when they are ill. :(
I hope you are all on the mend.

michele said...

I can certainly sympathize. John and I are off to the doctor in a few minutes, being the last two in our family of four to get this flu. My husband got the flu shot, and his lasted over a week. I'm on day 4 and decided to raise the white flag in surrender...

Hope to hear that you are all up, around and in good form very soon.