Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Sun's Back

In some ways I feel like we just arrived today. Or my perspective changed.

Derrick's back. (and he took the kids shopping for groceries.) While he was gone all week he was worried about us not having food. How sad is that? His vacationing wife can't take care of the kids? Well, all was not lost, I actually went by a vacation menu plan. Not a lot of spices here and I didn't want to spend the money on them and bring them home. We made do. Deli meats, spaghetti, soups, salads, didn't even give in to Mac n Cheese.

The sun is out. And we are working on our sand sculpture. Derrick and Alex are usually the last men standing. I shoveled and bossed them around and gave them a vision. Sometimes they have their own and just smile and nod at me.

Tea Time. I'm sipping coffee on the beach. Last night at a book store,I found the coffee mug for me. But my kids said a coffee mug isn't worth $20. (they were in the process of convincing their dad they should have a variety of toys they had seen)

The mug read:
"Coffee and Dog Hair"
on the other side it said;
"I never leave home without them."

Somebody better get me that mug!


The Green's in Arizona said...

ok, I want that coffee mug!!!!!! That is so fun!!!!!!

We miss ya!!! Another week without ya!

Audrakrell said...

That was hilariously funny! So glad "Dad" is back! Enjoy the rest of your time.