Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mickey's Fine

We hit Disneyland Friday. It was foggy and cool and EMPTY. Well, practically. Only thousands instead of tens of thousands of people. There were no waits on rides. Heaven!

And for the 2nd year in a row, our family got the randomly-handed-out FAST PASSES! What a fun thing. All the employees congratulate you all day and the other sorry chaps look on with envy. It's even more fun as the day goes on and it gets more crowded. No waits in lines.

Sadly, we missed out on the new Finding Nemo ride. No fast passes there, and over an hour wait. Same with Matterhorn.

Lizzy loved Thunder Mountain last year, and cried through the whole ride this year. And Miss First Born, has-to-know-what's-happening- every -second Alex, would not venture on to Space Mountain because it's in the dark!

Guess we had a big lesson in Pleasing Seven. It will never happen. Derrick started with the rule (really more of a guideline) that we all go on all the rides! Oh well, best intentions.

It was a fun day over all. Jack Sparrow still is a favorite and Haunted Mansion a la Tim Burton is an absolute disappointment. The Nightmare Before Christmas has taken it over.

I'm sure we'll still fork out the bucks, even so.


Cindi said...

Susan, you have such a beautiful family. I enjoy reading your blog!
Love, Cindi

The Green's in Arizona said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!! We love Disney
Have a great week!!! We missed you today!

michele said...

okay, i'm envious. how i wish i were at disneyland with my kiddos! i did go to the arizona state fair...twice. :) i know, i know, the state fair doesn't compare to disneyland, but does disneyland have an exhibit filled with Spam concoctions? uh huh, that's what i thought!

p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.