Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sheri Rose

What fun that the girls and I could go hear my sister-in-law Sheri speak at Florence Avenue Church, near Fullerton. AND our friend Miriam and Emily could meet us there! They are having their Holiday Tea for 5 nights this week! And I could not believe the beautiful, elaborate table decorations. Each table had a theme, like a holiday, or Princess theme. Sheri Rose's ministry is called His Princess. And many women there had heard her speak when her newest book came out, Preparing Sons for the Other Woman. (see my post on Sept 27 called Sisters)
Check out her website.

But seeing my nephew Jacob was the best. He is now attending the Assemblies of God Master's training at the Dream Center in downtown LA. It's intense but Jake always knew he'd be bold about sharing his faith, just like his mom and dad. Love you Jake.


steven said...

Thanks for the update and the pics! Sheri also said 7 women were saved last night. Praise God.
bro' Steve

JJS said...

loved the pics and what precious people. To think we are related--God is so good. can't wait to see you all.... love, mum