Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Condo Woes

Okay, Derrick is gone all week,
the hot water isn't working,
they're replacing the steps out front (noisily),
I have to do laundry
and it's SOO foggy.

But do I want to be home in 95degrees right now? Naahhh


Audrakrell said...

It is sunburn hot here! You are right where God wants you, the center of His will. Miss ya!

The Green's in Arizona said...

Ok, I would so be there!!!! Have a great week! You were missed at Co op!!!! Love ya
Susan G

JJS said...

Dear,Finally figured out how to comment, not that my comments are any good!!! We do miss you and love hearing from you. Know you have been busy since Wed when you wrote. Doesnt sound like fun with the noise, fog and Derrick missing. Now you will have a great weekend--derrick's coming.
love you and blessings galore,

michele said...

There once was a girl named Susan
Who was really quite amusin'
She went further west
Experienced a 'test'
But through it all kept on cruisin'

p.s. the days are beautiful here!