Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Components of God's Call

I have really been enjoying Ravi Zacharias' book The Grand Weaver, How God Shapes Us through the Events of Our Lives.

Understanding and heeding God's call on our lives seems to be an unending question. It shouldn't be! Dr Zacharias gives 3 very clear ways to hear it.

1. A devout prayer life. Amen! Doesn't it all start with that? If I am to be His temple, then I need to do as God told Isaiah "My house will be called a house of prayer". 56:7. That is where God speaks.

2. Humility is the touchstone of serving God. Why do I think I need to be in a pulpit or on a stage to make a difference?

"A commonplace life, we say and we sigh
But why do we sigh as we say?
The commonplace sun in the commonplace sky
Makes up the commonplace day.
The moon and the stars are commonplace things,
And the flower that blooms and the bird that sings;
But dark were the world and sad our lot,
If the flowers failed and the sun shone not,
And God who studies each separate soul
Out of commonplace lives makes His beautiful whole.

3. And finally, seeking the counsel and guidance of godly men and women. I am SO grateful I have that. My prayer is that my children would seek that as well. I want other men and women to be there for them as we are. Godly people like our parents. What a heritage they have for our children. And you dear friends and teachers. To have your voice in our lives is a gift from God.

And Lord, You are the author of the call on my life. I know You have a plan in mind and I can rest assured that it is the BEST. Even when I can't see the future, I know YOU hold it.


~Kim said...

Wow, that sounds like a great book! I will have to read it. Thanks for sharing!

Ginger said...

i would love to borrow that book Susan. Miss you

Donna Boucher said...

This sounds wonderful! My dear friend always recommends Ravi.

I think I shall buy it!

Audrakrell said...

Thanks for the book review, it is always great to get a personal recommendation!