Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Little Women

Emma and Lizzy were quite the lady daredevils. They surfed too. We paid for 3 lessons and when Emma and Jeff were surfing, the teacher saw their siblings watching from the shore. He called out "hey, you guys come join us!" So Lizzy and Dex went surfing too. What a treat!

Look at Emma's hands. They are like that in every picture. She is such a little lady. She is strong in mercy, always thinks of others first and loving to cook and bake comes with the package! She is such a blessing, and nothing like her mother.
And Lizzy just loves to try new things. She also tries to do what her sisters do. But I can tell that she loves the stage. Can't wait to see what God does with these Little Women!


Steve@Zeal said...

great pics! Very talented family

Kim Thompson said...

they are darling and we love them!