Monday, September 24, 2007

That will be $100 Please

September 24, 1961.
When Walter Everitt and Janice Joy went to the obstetrician, pregnant with their first baby, Dr Reay said, it will be $100 for visits and $100 for delivery at Good Sam. Such a deal!!! Of course that didn't include the anesthesia (they didn't use any, no epiderals or stadol then) I know in New York, where Derrick was born, they just put her to sleep. His mom doesn't even remember there being an option.

I don't remember much of that Sunday morning, I know you're surprised. But I do remember having very happy parents. Grandma Shepherd came to help and I think her mom, Grandma Bibelheimer, but I think she stressed out my Mom. They had 3 babies in 3 years and we had a wonderful childhood.

The 60s in Tempe Arizona were simple for Mom and Dad. They had one car, so mom had to stay home. And all the moms around their apartment were home too. Dad was teaching at the new Coronado High School and the security guards tried to kick him out of the teacher's lounge because he looked like one of the students. (He was 23). He also worked at Proudlove's Hardware back then so they could make ends meet.

My first Christmas, Mom did get homesick for North Dakota. So they packed me tight between them in their little Corvair(no seat belts or car seats) and drove through the snow to get there. It was quite harrowing and the only time they ever did that! My brother was born the following December anyway.

I wonder what memories my kids will have. I hope they're good ones.


Steve@Zeal said...

Great birthday story, sis. Imagine how much better you would have turned out had they not skimped on the price. They did the best they could...;o)

Mom of Five said...

You crack me up!If it had cost more, they might not have had you!!!

Cindi said...

Happy Birthday Susan! I love the picture. Just like I remember you!
Love, Cindi

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday my friend. love you. Great picture of you and your parents.

~Kim said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! It is fun to meet a new sister in Christ who also homeschools! Well, we have something else in common, too... I am from Arizona! Isn't that funny? :-) (I live in Minneapolis now.)

I hope you had a happy birthday today!
God bless!

Family Gregg said... I took the cheesecake for the boys and wound up pigging out on it myself. Thanks :)

Happy B-Day!

Mom of Five said...

Yea, I bet your pinky toe will get chubby!

randi---i have to say said...

What an awesome picture! $100.00 for delivery is amazing!

Happy birthday!

Laura K said...

Happy Birthday! I love this post.

zephaniah3:17 said...

Hey Susan! Happy (belated) birthday!!! You have a great blog. I just kinda stumbled onto it while I was feeling nostalgic and looking for some of my "old" pals online. Love all the pictures of your sweet kids! Give my love to, well, EVERYONE.


zephaniah3:17 said...

Ummm, that would be Lisa FRAWLEY. Sorry to leave off that minor detail. :-)