Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Middle Daughter is 11 Today

Ending our day of shopping with dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with the grandparents and Aunt Dee.
"You Are Special" Emma. Her made-to-order breakfast. Sour cream/Bittersweet chocolate coffee cake, quiches, sausage patties. mmm, healthy!
Sleepy 11 year old
Love the hand-made wrapping paper! Saves money!

Here are the cutest pics of her as a youngster and what I wrote about her. To think I almost didn't get to bring her home from the hospital!! Click HERE


Emma said...

Happy birthday Emma!!!

When she wakes up she has curly hair??

Alex Joy said...

Haha no Emma, she slept in curlers and took them out before she came down. :)

Emma said...

That's so funny because I knew her hair is so straight!!(like mine)

Tanya said...

What a beautiful girl, have a great day. I read that link; you are you blessed. (and I read over the other posts, too, guess I haven't been here in a while!)