Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jo Bros

Samuel Hamlin, Jefferson, cousin Jackson and my girls
Wow, I didn't think I'd need earplugs. Alex asked me if I brought them. I said, naah, I don't need them, I'm cool!
But NBC was taping the Kristi Yamaguchi Family and Friends Tour, and I guess they really like it when there's screaming in the background while the MCs are talking! Talk about deafening!
And when the Jonas Brothers came out to sing, there was ringing in my ears. It was lots of fun.
The skaters had their families skating in different numbers while the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovado or Jordan Pruit sang. Some skated to tracs, oh well. It airs on NBC Nov 8 from 4-6EST.

My dear friend Anissa got us a free suite, so we could walk around and eat and have our own private little potty. It was stylin'!

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Tanya said...

wow. you ARE a cool mom! JoBros!? My daughters would die!!! lol