Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Surprise with the Cousins

After seeing us, Jackson said, "can we do something with the Tutens?" I think he thought we'd just say Hi and leave!! Jack and Jeff were connected at the hip for 2 days.

Ahh, my little sister and me

Harrison (13) Nate (14) Alex (15) Emma (11) Dexter (13).... Lizzy (8) Jeff and Jack (7)

We haven't been to Disneyland with my sister's family since 1997! So we planned a little surprise for the cousins. Who should come walking down Main Street but them? ! Surprise!!! That was so fun
But to top it off, we also got Dream Fastpasses!! We only got 7, but went to City Hall and they completed our family of 12!! What a great day it turned out to be.
These dumb hats don't even fit! At least they were free!


Tanya said...

you have to stop posting about disney! I can't take it anymore! lol
what a fun family time! i can tell you enjoyed it!

Alex Joy said...

Oh I love the last picture! Hehe I'm so good at catching your funny moments!

Emma and Lizzy said...

Jeff looks so tall in the first pic. He must be growing.

Audra Krell said...

What a great surprise! what are dream passes?
it's not the same without you guys this year at the beach!

Anonymous said...

Cool family pictures! that looks so fun! i've never been there!i really want to though....