Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a trickle, or a downpour??

Sometimes God speaks in whispers, slow in coming like a trickle of rain, but they come. Waiting may be the answer.

Sometimes God speaks downpours, never loud, but letting us know He's listening.

We are praying for wisdom in some amazing opportunities ahead for Derrick. That's what we've been praying all along. We've known it would be amazing, just didn't know what they were!

Some friends of ours are transitioning in careers and people keep saying to them, "isn't it exciting to see what God will do?" Well, they aren't that excited after time has passed. Waiting is hard. But sometimes necessary. God knows all of our hearts and what we need to go through.

Lord, I give You my heart through all of this. May our choices bring You glory and honor.


Susan G said...

Praying for God's Direction!

Love ya
Susan G

Islandsparrow said...

a thoughtful post on waiting.

Thank you!

and thanks for dropping by my blog to visit!

hmmm -85 degrees? That's mid-July weather up here!

It's 19 degrees here but the sun is shining brightly and you can feel the warmth.