Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Family that are Friends!

Here's coach Pam showing Lizzy the fine discipline of 100 situps! Now Lizzy wants to 'workout with aunt Pam. 2 days now. I think Lizzy is resting.

What fun to have my cousin and his wife here from the chilly farm in North Dakota!
They are here for week and I wish it was longer.
We've already had dinner together at my folks'
We laid by the pool and talked
Sang together and talked
Made dinner together and talked
Watched their pictures from their cruise and laughed and laughed!

Tomorrow Pam will sing with Alex and me as we lead worship at Homemakers.

What a privilege and a blessing.

Maundy Thursday, the day that Christ told His disciples what was going to happen and what He expected of them. His 'mandate' or commandment to them.

He washed their feet, showing His love and concern for each of them. I suppose it was beneath the Son of God to bend down and wash the dust from their feet. But He was our living example of we are to do for others. Down through the centuries, believers have done this ritual on Maundy Thursday.

How will we serve others in this way? And not just on Maundy Thursday?

to the cross I look and to the cross I cling
of its suffering I do drink
of its work I do sing

only my Savior
both bruised and crushed
showed that God is love
and God is just
Chorus: at the cross You beckon me

You draw me gently to my knees

and I am lost for words so
lost in love,
I'm sweetly broken

wholly surrendered
-Jeremy Riddle

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