Monday, March 10, 2008

Baseball Season is here

Possible thoughts in the mind of this steely-eyed, determined boy:
"this is what I was meant to do"
"ah, that sun feels nice"
"I wonder if I should try catcher"
"Maybe I'll switch-hit this game"
"I'm getting hungry, wonder what's for supper"

"Okay Coach, I'm listening"
Suit me up coach. Catching wasn't very successful in this game after the ball popped up and hit his knee. Coach Dad was there for a hug.

His buddy Zachary Morelock in outfield.

Didn't make this out, but made another one.


Nice smile for Emma

Jefferson's FIRST baseball game
Jefferson's FIRST front tooth to fall out
that was the FIRST thing he told his coach,

probably the FIRST switch hit in farm league, Jefferson's choice too


KRay said...

Jeff - That's cool. I hope you don't break a leg playing baseball! Love, Jack

Audra Krell said...

I lOVE baseball!!!! This is so precious. Have a wonderful season of "firsts" - hopefully lots of first base!